Making Fleet Efficiency Easy and Accessible for Everyone

We built road infrastructure big data by unifying disparate data sources like tolls, parking, curb, truck trips and payments across the world. Our proprietary AI models make any trip cheaper, faster and thus improving RoI on every fleet trip.

Who we are

Our founding team has deep domain expertise in road infrastructure planning, transportation analytics and building large scale data intelligence systems. Based out of Silicon Valley, we are on a mission to radically adapt routing to reduce cost per mile per trip and improve traffic congestion.

Mapup today serves more than 10 million vehicles across the globe, offering an end to end routing needs

Mapup mapping service is designed for real America - where both costs and times figure in route decisions. Mapup shows you cheaper routes not shown by any other mapping applications such as Google maps, Apple maps, Waze, HERE maps, Mapquest, OpenStreetMap, Scout GPS, Garmin, etc. Our routes consider two vectors - time and cost. Other mapping and navigation softwares optimize just for time.

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